Problems with Team Foundation Server 2012 RC Web Access in Internet Explorer

Working in the Web Access tool in Internet Explorer 9, I noticed most features missing from many of the screens. There are problems in the Control Panel screens, Product Backlog, etc. Key elements of the page do not load. What makes it even more puzzling is everything works in FireFox and Chrome.

If you are experiencing this problem, refreshing the page (F5) loads all elements of the page. However, this is on a page-by-page basis. The problem may be caused by an add-on. In my case, it is the Google Toolbar. I disabled the toolbar and set the default search for address bar searching to google in Internet Explorer. The Web Access application is now working.

Team Foundation Server 2012 RC Install Error: TF400534 : Package (tfs_servercoreres_x64) caching failed with the following status : 0x80070001. HRESULT : 0x80070001

If you get this error at the start of the installation process, chances are it is corrupt. The size of the download should be around 1.07 GB. If it is around 900 MB, download it again from

You should see an Installation Options section near the middle of the page.