TFS 2012 – Add Users to a Team Project Group

Working in Team Explorer 2012, one noticeable change is the administration for a team project or collection.  It has been moved to the Web Access application.  When trying to add a user to a group in a team project, it may seem confusing due to the user not showing in the drop-down and not being able to browse to the user unless the person has already been added to a group somewhere in TFS.  It turns out this is because this feature has been moved to a Web application and out of the desktop application.  Here is what you need to do to add a new user to a team project that has not been added anywhere in TFS 2012.

In Team Explorer, go to the settings screen and click on Group Membership as seen below.


This will take you to the security screen in the Control Panel.  To add a user to a team project, select the group on the left side of the screen, (e.g. selecting the “<team project name> Team” link on the left will add the users to the Contributors group).  Then click on Add > Add windows user or group seen below.


This will open the dialog to select the user as seen below.



There is a message on the dialog explaining what needs to be done, but it is easy to miss.  The problem is if the user has not been added to TFS anywhere, they will not show up in the drop-down and you will not be able to browse to find the person.  The only way to add the person is to manually type in the person’s username with domain, e.g. domain\username.  Once the person is added, the identity will be added to the TFS valid user group and will be available going forward.  The reason for this is the Web application is unable to check or browse the domain since it is browser based and not a desktop application.

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4 Responses to TFS 2012 – Add Users to a Team Project Group

  1. Vic says:

    How to add a user that has access to work items and backlog and such but no access to source code, like some manager. i have checked everywhere cant find, please help. URGENT 😦

    • bminisi says:

      The permissions for source control are set within source control itself and not part of the permissions set at the team project level. For example, in Team Explorer, open Source Control Explorer. Right-click on a folder within Source Control where you want to set permissions, and go to the Advanced > Security menu item. The Permissions for [team project name] window will appear. Click the “Add…” button and select “Add Windows identity” or “Add TFS group”. You can then add individuals or a group and control their permissions. Set the permissions that you want. If you deny permissions on an individual or group; even if they are in another group that allows the permission, the deny permission will override.

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